About Wahldev

maw-photoI’ve been developing websites and online applications for over 15 years, focusing on open source software development, iterative, analytics-driven processes, and goal-driven custom solutions. I’ve worked with small businesses to help get their web-based resources up and running successfully, with larger organizations seeking to transform underperforming online assets, and on innovative projects harnessing open data and APIs to build data analysis and visualization tools. Clients include small firms, corporations, non-profits, educational institutions and government.

My approach to both project management and business relationships is focused on real-world objectives — building stuff is great, but I find that the most successful projects are those that from the outset set practical, measurable goals as their guiding principles. These help simplify requirements gathering and decision-making, allowing the project team to focus on execution and putting in place feedback mechanisms to assess progress. Projects that are going to be successful in the long-term are iterative by nature — rather than having a clear beginning and end, they incorporate feedback and analytics as essential components of the project to continually drive refinements that better serve the overarching goals.

A good bit of my work has been as Technical Director with The Jake Group. We are a boutique web development and marketing agency out of Georgetown in Washington, DC focusing on sites that marry high-end usability and design with custom development solutions. Our favorite platform is WordPress which allows us to build stable, scaleable websites in a short timeframe while providing our clients with a user-friendly CMS to manage their sites. I wear many hats in my role at Jake including  development team leader, project manager, client contact, business developer, office IT director, and of course, programmer.

Check out some of my projects in the Portfolio.