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Being Agile at a Small Agency

A small, growing agency is always searching for ways to work more efficiently and effectively. Agile approaches attempt to address a lot of the challenges a small agency might face. But one of the key aspects of an agile approach — an iterative process — can be challenging for a small team to adopt, and may… Read more »

Browsers to Display Warnings on Non-HTTPS Sites

Early in 2016 I had posted about the benefits of enabling HTTPS by default on your websites, and that browsers would eventually begin displaying warnings on non-HTTPS sites. The time is now. Read more at

Why It Is Important to Upgrade WordPress

It may seem obvious that you ought to upgrade WordPress whenever upgrades are released. If security was the only rationale to do, it would be an EXCELLENT one. But it’s not the only reason — check out the other benefits of making upgrades a regular part of your work in my post —

Making Websites HTTPS By Default

The digital firm I work with — Jake Group — will be installing SSL certificates with every website we launch from here on out, and will make an effort to add them to the older sites as well. Read the whys and wherefores here:

Website Content Migration Tips

What? You say it’s time for a website redesign? Hooray! The prospects of a fresh new interface, responsive layout and new functionality make a redesign project really exciting. It’s easy to focus on the design and development aspects of the process, and just ignore that ugly, out-of-date, sorry excuse for an old website. But somewhere along the… Read more »

What Version of WordPress Am I Running?

It may seem a silly thing, but for various reasons you may not be aware of what version of WordPress your are running on a particular website. Maybe you’ve taken over a site built by someone else. Or you are rebooting your own site that’s been neglected for awhile. Or maybe you are just being… Read more »

How to Disable Email Notifications in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook email delivery notifications can be set to provide audio and visual prompts every time an email is delivered. How helpful this feature is may depend on how you tend to work. For me, getting constant bings and pop-ups every time an email arrives is nothing but a distraction. The notifications themselves interrupt my… Read more »